FREE IDEA: "Cumego"

So this idea came to me already longtime ago but I spend bit more time on it in the summer.


Every company is strugling with customer meeting materials. Theyre always outdated, representatives make their own, never developed, Legal goes crazy, etc..


"Customer Meeting Google" => Cumego

All your customer meeting material in a cloud from where they can be presented to the customers and representatives can trust that the content is valid.


Its bit difficult to calculte a solid business case for this but I drew my figures based on the number of companies i  Finland and if 5% would pay a monthly-fee etc.

There is a lot of practicalities to-be disclosed but the need is quite obvious. And while researching on this, I stumbled on Thumbs up for them, they seem to be a bit on the same track that I was.

So if you interested to take over this idea, please dont hesitate contact me @gmail and I'll send you the presentation. Im willing to give my ideas for free so no stress about it. If you really want to give some money for the ideas, I will pass it on to our Saunalle- charity.